Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the airline reservation system

Originally the IT leader had little industry-specific expertise e. What does the Web Business The Internet also offers institutions the capacity to separate their business operations from the operations of the physical plant.

The airline sent apology letters, offered flight credits to customers and bolstered call center with temporary staffers.

Early evidence suggests that online sales of automobiles reduce the set of skills needed by salespeople McGarvey, Health care organizations would benefit from information on the staffing levels and skills needed to develop, implement, and support Internet-based applications.

The Way Forward The Company has also announced its plan to expand Southwest service to its 38th state and 73rd city in Februarywith the commencement of service to Atlanta, Georgia. As a result, the technology managers are increasingly identified as key strategic leaders for the organizations—at least outside the health care industry.

To assist with this transition, application service providers ASPs such as Abaton. Airlines such as WestJet and JetBlue promote low-cost and high-efficiency carriers by giving extremely competitive fares and outstanding customer service.

In FebruaryJetBlue tried to operate flights during a blizzard when all other major airlines had already canceled their flights. Faced with a policy and procedure vacuum and an absence of models, organizations may hesitate to sanction Internet use because they are not sure they can manage it well enough.

This trend has yet to become important in health care, but one can imagine consumers engaging in spot market purchases of medications, vitamins, and durable medical equipment. Other opportunities exist for hospitals to use the Internet to improve internal operations.

For instance, the risk of losing key personnel can be mitigated by providing completion bonuses or even just monitoring their happiness more closely.

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For each type of uncertainty, examples of related issues and questions are presented below. Regardless of these uncertainties, new applications will be based on the Internet and related technologies, and legacy applications will be fitted with interfaces to the Internet. In health care, these problems include the difficulty of integrating a diverse, heterogeneous set of legacy systems; a lack of data standards; the complexity of medical practice; and complex, politicized health care organizational structures.

A substantial gap exists between a relatively small group of providers and consumers who actively use the Internet for any purpose and the much larger group that has not used it or cannot use it.

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MCOs may exhibit a similar lack of interest in wellness activities if their subscribers are young and transient. Partners Healthcare System, an integrated delivery organization based in Boston, reports that Internet-based systems reduced the time needed to return a radiology report to a health center from 72 hours to 4 hours.

The following examples illustrate some of the dilemmas that may arise. Human Resource Needs A significant organizational commitment to Internet-based applications requires information technology workers who are skilled in new technical areas such as HTML development, Internet security, and digital commerce.

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How they are the flip side of the same coin. The Internet's capability to empower consumers, support dynamic information exchanges among organizations, and "flatten" organizational hierarchies promises to result in new operational strategies, business models, service delivery modes, and management mechanisms.

Policy barriers, in general, cannot be addressed effectively by individual organizations but require a coordinated and concerted effort by multiple players. Harper Business Press; New York: Most of the presentations and slideshows on PowerShow. Organizations that have difficulty making the necessary investments in, and managing, information technology in general will have even more difficulty adapting to the Internet.

Applications must be easy to use and well integrated into the daily routines of users.

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A number of health care organizations and consumer health Web sites have established chat rooms and forums for their members. PROJECT ON AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM. Need of Airlines system A few factors that directs us to develop a new system are given below -: 1) Faster System 2) Accuracy AIRLINES SYSTEM RESERVATION CANCELLATION UPDATION TECHNICAL SYSTEM.

FEASIBILITY STUDY Feasibility study is to check the viability.

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- Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of WestJet and JetBlue. 3.

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Classify and describe the problems each airline faced in. ONLINE BUS TICKET RESERVATION SYSTEM. 1. INTRODUCTION This system is basically concerned with the reservation and cancellation of bus tickets to the passengers/5(5). Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of West Jet and JetBlue.

Downtime of reservation system – this factor becomes a great deal since it depends on the time and date that the downtime will be happening%(7).

Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of WestJet and JetBlue. Upgrading a reservation system carries special risks. From a customer perspective, only one of two things can happen: Either the airline successfully completes its overhaul and the customer notices no difference in the ability to book.

The Company anticipates the reservation system replacement will be a multi-year project, with other key technology projects, such as those related to AirTran integration, All-New Rapid Rewards, and the introduction of the Boeingtaking priority.

Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the airline reservation system
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