The benefits of organ donation

Hinduism Hindus are not prohibited by religious law from donating their organs, according to the Hindu Temple Society of North America. Developing the program was an eight-year process; it is the first of its kind.

Presbyterian Presbyterians encourage and endorse donation. The Federal government does recognize the wonderful benefit that this gift of life provides to the patient awaiting a transplant and has several ongoing programs to study, support, and protect the living donors who do choose to provide this gift.

This can be used to save the lives of the other people who will be in need. To ensure the safety of all living donors, it is critical that the long term results of the effects of living donation are studied further. But the bottom line is that the organ donation will help to improve the lives and certainly give the recipient a second chance to live.

Since some living kidney donors can have a slightly higher risk of developing kidney disease later in life, a policy has been established stating that if someone is a past donor and needs a transplant, they are moved to the top of the national transplant list.

Heart valve transplants are used for babies, who are born with heart defects and looking at multiple surgeries without a transplant. The decision to donate is left up to the individual.

Benefits of Organ Donation

The transplant can happen much sooner if the donor is a relative for a friend. With the transplant, they can live for many more years.

If the cornea, kidney or the heart of the person gets damaged, it will be very difficult for the family members to get it. This has even allowed the scientists to comprehend the diseases and their effects they will have on the human body.

Religion and Organ Donation

Organ procurement In most countries there is a shortage of suitable organs for transplantation. Some of the benefits of the organ donation are given below. Emerging research may bring forth cures and treatments for previously undiscovered medical conditions.

Inthe Government of Tamil Nadu put together government orders laying down procedures and guidelines for deceased organ donation and transplantation in the state. This year alone, more than 24, people received organ transplants from about 11, donors.

In the United States, where since the s the Uniform Determination of Death Act has defined death as the irreversible cessation of the function of either the brain or the heart and lungs, [] the 21st century has seen an order-of-magnitude increase of donation following cardiac death.

There will be no difficulty with the people arranging for the money that is involved in the surgery to transplant the surgery. Public Policy Organizations and how they contribute to the U. Milton Efthimiou, director of the Department of Church and Society for the Greek Orthodox Church of North and South America, the Greek Orthodox Church is not opposed to organ donation as long as the organs and tissues in question are used to better human life, i.

Amazing Benefits of Organ Donation to Save Lives!

But we also have to manage expectations. Single kidney donation is the most frequent living donor procedure.

Benefits of Organ Donation

A living donor can donate one of two lobes of their liver. It has been said that over the years the people have become aware of the advantages of donating the organs. While the benefit of such a cloned organ would be a zero-percent chance of transplant rejectionthe ethical issues involved with creating and killing a clone may outweigh these benefits.

Breathing is maintained via artificial sourceswhich, in turn, maintains heartbeat. How Many People Can Benefit From Organ Donation? As of last year aroundpeople were on the transplant list for an organ donation in the United States alone.

One deceased donor can save about eight lives, with tissue donation able to impact up to 50 lives. The views and perspectives of the world's major religions on organ and tissue donation.

OUR STATE HAS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WAITING FOR ORGAN TRANSPLANTS, AND SOME OF THEM LIVE NEAR YOU. Scroll down to help NJ Sharing Network get the word out in a few simple ways. NEDS is the non-profit organ procurement organization (OPO) that coordinates organ and tissue donation in all or part of the six New England states and Bermuda.

The ODF is the national umbrella body for the promotion of organ and tissue donation. We actively plan and implement education and publicity programmes that are designed to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation with the aim being to prime individuals towards consent.

Benefits of Organ Donation. This article elaborates the benefits of the concept of donating the organs. Based on the understanding of the people, the pros will certainly outweigh the the bottom line is that the organ donation will help to improve the lives and certainly give the recipient a second chance to live.

The benefits of organ donation
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