The chilean copper mine collapse

As of now, there are no details about the health and well-being of the trapped miners, however, the rescue mission is trying to make way to locate the miners and provide them with additional supplies until they can be successfully rescued.

It comes here in pieces and then you put it together and the next thing you know, you see the giant mast going up in the air. He has not left the mine area since he arrived after the collapse and Aguilar has had little time to tend to his full-time work at El Teniente or to his wife, who is pregnant with their fourth child.

It's curved and deep. Some of the considerations to be given in the different roles and speaking with the different audiences you must consider the communication barrier, cultural diversity, perceptions, and body language of your audience. The mine, opened inhad been the site of numerous earlier accidents, including an explosion in that killed three miners.

I would also look into researching why the mine was reopened shortly after the same type of incident in and see where the liability lies for those miners that were trapped or for the families who lost family members because of the accident. The follow up process will clarify the things discussed to all parties about the incident and what procedures will take place for the workers in the future.

An illuminated balloon hovers over the camp were relatives of a trapped miners wait for news of the rescue effort near the San Jose mine in Copiapo, Chile. August 4, - San Esteban Mining Company agrees to sell the now-closed San Jose mine to pay the miners and reimburse the Chilean government for the cost of rescue efforts, in addition to paying the company's other debts.

They also tapped on the drill before it was withdrawn, and these taps could be heard on the surface. Robstad first caught wind of the fact that Precision might be assisting with the Chilean rescue three days before the miners were discovered alive.

The hard rock has proven to be abrasive and has worn out the steel of the drill.

Chilean Mine Collapse

The encampment grew with the arrival of more friends and relatives, additional rescue and construction workers, and members of the media. Many experienced difficulty in coping with the aftereffects of the trauma, and some family members expressed fears that the miners had been irrevocably changed by the experience.

The drill was turned off and lowered into the hole. One was addressed to his wife, Lilianett Ramirez; the other was a now infamous message that has been reproduced on T-shirts and billboards, written in red letters.

San José Mine

Chile mine rescue of Written By: The Strata is a raise borer, which means it must drill twice — three drill bits are used create an initial pilot hole, about 38 centimetres in diameter, then that hole is widened to 72 centimetres by reaming from the bottom up.

I called a face —to- face meeting with you all so we can answer any questions and provide you all with updates on the process of getting your loved ones out the miner. The T became operational on 5 September and worked in three stages. Also, providing the families with written confirmation on everything that is being done to take place and explaining that once the miners are rescued what the next steps are to help them mentally and physically.

Officials announce that they are working on a "Plan B", which could help speed up the rescue process. Elizabeth Segovia, sister of Dario Segovia, one of the 33 miners trapped deep underground from an accident on August 5 at San Jose mine, meets with the T drilling machine operators U.

This may take time because they do not want to produce an additional collapse that would put the rescuers at risk, or the miners in more danger. Rescuers were unable to drill vertically since that would require placing the heavy rig on the unstable ground where the cave-in had happened, and the rescuers also had to avoid drilling into the production tunnels above the shelter.

There are only five Strata s in the world, and this one happened to be in Chile already. However on 25 August the trapped men were fully briefed on the projected timeline for their rescue and the complexity of the plans involved.

Retrieved from Reuters Edition: The graffiti at the wall behind reads in Spanish: Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have a question or concern by email or phone.

On August 5,a terrible and unfortunate accident occurred at one of our copper mines in San Jose, Chile.

Chilean Mine Collapse

Chilean Mine Collapse After more than 66 days 1, feet below ground, the 33 Chilean miners and their families wait for a drill to finish sculpting a rescue shaft through the last layers of rock. SAN JOSE MINE, CHILE—In early August, 33 miners descended deep below the dusty surface of Chile’s Atacama Desert and did not come back out.

From the depths of a century-old gold and copper. Aug 02,  · The prosecutor’s investigation was opened days after the year-old gold and copper mine, miles north of Santiago, caved in on Aug. 5,trapping the men. Jul 13,  · Read CNN's Fast Facts about the rescue of 33 miners from a collapsed mine in the Atacama region of northern Chile.

Chilean mine collapse Resource: “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” article found in the Electronic Reserve Readings. Research additional articles and. Chilean Copper Mine Collapse R Victoria Dennis BCOM/ May 26, Dr.

Brock Abstract This paper addresses the collapse of the Chilean copper mine and the company's response to the collapse. It first drafts an announcement directed at the families of the trapped workers expressing concern and urgency.

The chilean copper mine collapse
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