The wounded platoon

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty: Casualties will be picked up as soon as possible, consistent with available resources and pending missions.

His profound faith and courage, great personal valor, and unwavering fortitude were decisive factors in the successful withdrawal of the division from the deathtrap in the Chosin Reservoir sector and reflect the highest credit upon Capt.

First battle was bought in Viipuri in night between 19th and 20th of January and battles started escalating from there.

They include the squad column and squad line. The platoon had expended most of its ammunition in repelling the enemy attack and the platoon leader decided to commit his 3d Squad, with its supply of ammunition, in the defensive action. Additional control over the rear of the formation can be provided by moving a team leader to the last position.

Benfold, by his great personal valor and resolute spirit of self-sacrifice in the face of almost certain death, was directly responsible for saving the lives of his 2 comrades. Marine Corps, 49th Company. This formation has two squads up front to provide a heavy volume of fire on contact Figure The ambulance team supporting the company works in coordination with the senior trauma specialist supporting the platoons.

But, based on the strength of his writing in Platoon, Stone was hired to write the screenplay for Midnight Express Kangdong, Korea Entered service at: They frequently gave back, in return, detail support to the mess hall kitchen police-KPsoldiers to perform perimeter bunker guard and ambush patrols, and for the air cavalrymen, additional QRFs for downed helicopter rescue and retrieval operations combat search and rescue-CSAR.

Due to the high academic and physical demands of the course, the dropout rate over time was about 30 percent.

The Wounded Platoon

When a force of estimated regimental strength savagely attacked during the night, inflicting heavy casualties and finally surrounding his position following a bitterly fought 7-hour conflict, Capt.

METT-T will determine where crew-served weapons move in the formation. Barker and his companions surprised and engaged an enemy group digging emplacements on the slope.

They have proved most satisfactory. Voluntarily electing to cover the retrograde movement, he gallantly maintained a defense and was last seen in close hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. Having been recaptured and reconfined, Lt. Two missions were added to the manual:.

Aug 05,  · This edition features stories on Marines from Battery M, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment working security instead of their usual role in fire.

Providing a free week of vacation lodgings to Purple Heart Medal recipients from the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaigns.

Rodger Wilton Young

SinceVacations For Veterans has sent over veterans and their families on free vacations. Help us continue this mission by donating funds to Sponsor a Veteran on a vacation. the wounded platoon Kevin Shields, a year old Army Soldier, went out drinking with three Army buddies on November 30,from Fort Carson, Colorado, a base close to Colorado Springs.

A few hours later, he was dead.

Great Frontline program — The Wounded Platoon

The conventional approach to the history of LRRP, LRP, and Ranger unit employment in Vietnam is first to acknowledge the three chronological periods of their existence: LRRP from late to DecemberLRP from late September to Februaryand Ranger thereafter to the end of the war. Third Platoon, Charlie Company.

What happened to them in Iraq, and what happened when they came home. Section IV – Casualty Procedures. Following are the procedures that should be followed in the treatment, evacuation, and reporting of combat casualties.

The wounded platoon
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